Instrutor Feijão

A Native of San Antonio, Texas, Seifu Bekele (Feijão) first started Capoeira in 1997 at the age of nineteen. He began training under the Instruction of Professor Lalo, nephew of Mestre Jelon Vieira, where he quickly developed a love for the art of Capoeira as well as Brazilian culture.

Through lê Bahia de San Antonio, Instrutor Feijão acquired proficiency and instructorship in Samba, Afro-Brazilian percussion, and Capoeira–largely influenced by Dance Brazil. In 1998, ContraMestre Esquilo, a native of Brazil and a close student to Mestre Jelon, took over as the instructor in San Antonio, providing his students with a stronger connection to the roots of Capoeira in Bahia. Under ContraMestre Esquilo’s supervision, Instrutor Feijão began teaching his own youth classes and assisting ContraMestre Esquilo with beginners’ classes. In 2004, Instrutor Feijão reached the level of Graduado and in that same year he had his first opportunity to travel to Salvador, Bahia. This experience inspired him to relocate to Austin, Texas and start Capoeira Luanda Austin. Shortly after, he was awarded the title of Instrutor.